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I'm Rued Riis.

Having run several small businesses, including an animation agency, a publishing platform and a clothing blog, I now teach everything I learned on the way.

I pursue a dream of teaching courses online for a living. My students love the entertaining format and the information conveyed in the courses, and I think you will too.

In my most popular course called 'Go Beyond Vyond', I guide you through the preparation, production and fine-tuning of an animation video and the tips, tricks and hacks I used to produce more than 300 videos for small business, large corporations and everything in between.

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I used nothing but Vyond to produce these videos for clients that previously paid large amounts of money to have more traditional animation studios spend 100s of hours in more traditional tools like Adobe AfterEffects.

Vyond is an online-based tool that looks basic at first glance, but can save you so much time and let you produce animations around just about anything - if you go beyond the basics. 

My course is structured into 4 sections, takes about 1,5 hours to complete, and you'll be fully equipped to produce high-quality videos after taking the course - for your own small business, for paying clients or just for plain fun.

I'll be teaching in an energetic and entertaining way, so you both learn a lot and have a good time taking my courses.

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My Vyond course will offer you:

• Fastest way to learn the basics of Vyond Studio

• Easy transition from learning to using key features and functionalities

• Step-by-step guidance through the creation of a full animation video

• Little-known hacks on how to make Vyond better and take your videos from good to great.

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The change that made it all possible

GoAnimate got a complete makeover and changed name to Vyond, and I love them for it. I have been using GoAnimate for years, and it's a great program - that just got so much better with their latest update; Vyond Studio. From the new, sleek timeline, real-time preview and keyboard shortcuts to the modern contemporary animation style, the optimized character creator and the speed of exporting - in this Vyond course, you will learn everything about this and much more.

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I divide this Vyond course into the following sections:

  1. Learn the Basics of Vyond Studio

  2. Create Your First Animation Video

  3. Go Beyond Vyond

  4. Advanced Pro Lessons

I look so much forward to sharing my knowledge with you.

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About Rued Riis

Fast version: Animator, entrepreneur, guitarist, tall blogger and native Copenhagener.

I used to head a small video agency, where we worked professionally with animation video. Instead of producing the old and slow way, we utilized new and improved tools such as Vyond Studio to speed up the process of production. How we created these videos is the primary content of my course 'Go Beyond Vyond'. 

I'm looking forward to teaching you what I know already - and sharing the knowledge I learn along the way.

/Rued Riis

What Our Members Have to Say:

“I absolutely loved the course that you created. It was so well structured and explained and the funny bits in between were amazing as well. Thank you so much for putting in your time, effort and energy in imparting this knowledge to others, specially the Pro tips- that section was too good. It is not easy to share ideas and ways of working with others specially when you have taken so many years of experience to learn and discover them. But thank you, once more for this brilliant course.” ― Nikita J., India
“Rued, your course was awesome!! A real pleasure!” ― Phillip D., USA
“Hi Rued. I've just updated the review to five stars. I found it very useful, and I've applied several things from your course to my first animation. Many thanks!” ― Grant R., UK
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